Gong Xi Gong Xi Live Streaming Sales!

Gong Xi Gong Xi Live Streaming Sales!

12.28pm on 8 Feb 2024. Riding on the "Fung-shui" timing and date, we finally started our Lunar New Year live streaming sales!

Rin and JQ, our students from Higher Nitec in Retail and Online Business, are no strangers in the live streaming world. Both boasts with a 4-digit followers in the social media accounts, you name it - Instagram/Tik Tok/Facebook. An au-naturel for this little project which took just a few days to prepare by the way.

We had handpicked 15pcs of the Korean outfits suitable for Lunar New Year, mostly just arrived and selling hot at only $10! Such a steal! To complete the festive look, we featured our beauty products like the EARFIT Biom Cera Barrier Cream and the Glowing Color Lip Balms. All made in Korea. 

The girls featured some handmade pressed-on nails with cute lion dance heads and Lunar New Year hair clips too for the kiddies. More designs are available in-store. Anyone interested were encouraged to scan the QR code that were feature in the live which will lead to transact online through Shopify.

As the hour ends, we laughed at each other on the comments made during the live. "Does the dress comes with JQ?" after JQ flagged off the red lungerie top. Embarrassing behind-the-scenes actions were captured when one of our EXCOs were dragged to become the hair model. Such moments are priceless.