Astronaut Little Kids Flip Flops

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Astronaut Little Kids Flip Flops
Astronaut Little Kids Flip Flops

ITE & Ripples Collaborate!
Ripples collaborates with the School of Design & Media at ITE, to develop a range of products designed by students. 
The collaboration aims to give ITE students exciting first-hand experiences in designing products which go into the retail scene.

Fall in love with the bright and cheery designs for your little precious!

  • Comfortable PU/Fabric Strap
  • Ripples Pin
  • Standard cut footbase
  • Ripples EVA cushion and durable footbase
  • Ripples durable textured slip resistant sole
Size 10/11: 17.1cm (for ages 3 - 4 years old)
Size 12/13: 19.1cm (for ages 4 - 5 years old)
Size 1/2: 20.6cm (for ages 6 - 7 years old)
Size 3/4: 22.2cm (for ages 8 - 9 years old)

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